Fisherman’s Paradise: Guess Where?

Fishing on the Ternopil Lake, West Ukraine
Nice and peaceful fishing… You wouldn't believe where it is: downtown of the big city! In Ternopil, western Ukraine! The population of Ternopil is 218,641 people, so, yes, I would say, the city is quite big. Ternopil is very clean environmentally - no heavy industry over there, therefore this fisherman is sure his catch will be good to eat.
Ternopil is unique because of its lake – first of all, the location of the lake (as I said above, it is downtown of the city), and second of all, it is a man-made lake, created by locals.
I love this picture very much! Looking at it at first, it seems it is taken somewhere far from the busy city life, but the city life is just in a hundred meters from it! Isn't amazing?
Many thanks to my best friend Olya for taking this photo! 

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