Fall 2012 in Ternopil: Renovated Fountains, Blossoming Chestnuts and New Street Lights

That’s how my best friend Olya sees a fall 2012 in the city of Ternopil, western Ukraine – with her camera and her journalist’s eye. Let take a walk with her downtown of the city!
Here are newly renovated fountains on Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard – in a daytime:
Fountains in Ternopil, western Ukraine
And in a nighttime:
Fountains downtown of Ternopil, western Ukraine
 New street lights downtown – in a daytime:
Street Lights in Ternopil, Ukraine
And in a nighttime:
Street lights downtown of Ternopil, Ukraine
 And – you wouldn’t believe it! – Chestnuts blossom! Yes, in a fall! Which is very strange, but sometimes it’s happened to our Mother Nature:
Chestnuts Blossom in a Fall Very Unusual Ternopil Ukraine
And lined up red and red to be leaves on a tree… Just leaves… Just a beautiful fall…
Fall in Ternopil, Western Ukraine

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