I Love Ternopil!

My friends Oksana and Olya from Ternopil are taking your for a photo walk by interesting and beautiful places downtown of their beloved city.
First Oksana’s stop is Dandelion Fountain by the Main Post Office, Chornovola Street:
Dandelion Fountain, Ternopil, Ukraine
Ternopil has lots of monuments; most of them are of historical and political sense. And some of them just cute little creations that very often attract people even more than political ones. Like this one, a Monument to a Plumber at Slipogo Cardynala Street, by the Atrium Mall:
Monument to a Plumber, Ternopil, Ukraine
Or like this one, a Monument to a Hardworking Honeybee. The monument is located at Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard, by the local Dramatic Theatre. Here are, actually, two hardworking honeybees – my friend Olya and the monument:
Monument to a Hardworking Honeybee, Ternopil, Ukraine
Here is Oksana again, at Arts and Crafts Market at Valova Street, downtown:
Art and Craft Market, Ternopil, Ukraine
Downtown of Ternopil is simply amazing; everything is in walking distance over there. Like these beautiful fountains at Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard. Picture is taken by Olya:
Fountains of Ternopil, Western Ukraine
And final picture of this nice little walk – “I Love Ternopil!”  I totally and completely agree with Oksana (she is on the picture) – I am so much in love with this city, too!
I Love Ternopil!

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