Square and Pigeons… Rome? Venice? Nope, Ternopil, West Ukraine!

Feeding Pigeons in Ternopil, West Ukraine
Many travelers compare Ternopil with Rome,because of the pigeons on the Ternopil’s Theatre Square, a central square of the city. Well, this is an old tradition in Ternopil – people feeding pigeons on the Theatre Square for years and years. Kids like to play with birds; newlyweds come to the square to have their wedding pictures taken withthe pigeons – like on this picture by Vasyl Dzyadek:
Newlyweds and Pigeons, Ternopil, Western Ukraine
How romantic, isn’t?
And here is the video I took in my trip to Ternopil in 2011.I didn’t want to change anything filming the square I like so much (like,putting music on). I just wanted to bring to you an exact atmosphere of thisplace – how nice and peaceful is over there. Only local radio is playing onbackground, that’s all:

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