Amazing Fire Show in Ternopil

I would like to introduce you new performance art in Ternopil city: a fire show. There are other words to describe it: a fire dancing, a fire performance, a fire manipulation etc.
This art is not new to the world, but for this West Ukrainian city, I mean, for Ternopil, it is something completely new and extremely exciting: to see beautiful girls which are playing with fire :) Well, not only girls, but boys also. Although in Ternopil it is started from a girl: her name is Inna Kyryk, born in 1988. This young lady is a founder of the first (and only) Fire Theatre in Ternopil. Semargl is the name of the Theatre. There are four girls and one boy performers in the Theatre. As I can see from the videos of Semargl performances and rehearsals, guys are doing great! They became more and more popular in Ternopil and other West Ukrainian cities. Except big stage shows, Semargl is performing also at weddings and parties. People like them! Take a look at their videos below and enjoy their amazing fire dancing:

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