Ternopil becomes a world’s known acoustic covers city

Everything was started on February 12, 2009 when Katy Perry’s “Hot’n’cold” cover made by Los Colorados acoustic band from the city of Ternopil (Ukraine) appeared on YouTube. Since than a worldwide popularity of the Los Corados band from Ternopil started to grow rapidly. Guys got few millions hits on YouTube, lots of comments and reviews in world’s media. Some of reviewers have admitted that they like cover’s performance of the “Hot’n’cold” even better than original one :) Well, it’s depends on everybody’s taste. What I personally usually do when I want to introduce some my western friends to this cover-phenomenon, I show to them an original video first, and here it is; and than I demonstrate a Ukrainian cover of the song:

So, it’s up to you, to decide, what do you like more.
As for me, it’s undecidedly at all.
In one hand, original is original, period. Nice song and nice clip; Katy is a beautiful singer and a beautiful woman!
In other hand, Ukrainian guys have this special wild charm and sincerity in expressing themselves that mostly lost on the West. On the West is everything about perfection, but these guys from Ukraine don’t care very much about how perfect they are (especially in English pronunciation :). They just being very natural, they have fun from what they are doing, no matter where: at local TV (see the video below)

or giving a street performance in Ternopil:

Actually, last song it is not a cover, it is a Los Colorados song, which is already became a hit in Ukraine (the song is in Ukrainian).
Back to the cover thing, another great acoustic band is popped up in Ternopil just recently, in February 2010. The name of the band is SounDJack and their Acoustic Medley Pop and R&B Covers video is becoming a huge hit on YouTube, here it is:

The medley is included covers of 13 famous singles (Lady Gaga’s “Paparazzi”, Ke$ha’s “Tik Tok”, Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive”, Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys “Empire state of mind” etc).
The SounDJack’s video is filmed in the Khmilne Shchastya pub in the Podolyany Mall (Ternopil).
The beautiful singer of the band is Christina Smachylo. She was well-known in Ternopil even before she started to play in SounDJack: Christina is a winner of local beauty pageants and singing contests. She has graduated from high school in 2009 and now she is doing very well in her musical career, as you can see on the SounDJack’s video. Christina’s wonderful voice and her natural beauty it is a great combination for succeeding in show-business. Here is a picture of a beautiful Christina from her high school graduation in 2009 (Ternopil, Ukraine):
Christina Smachylo SounDJack Ternopil Ukraine

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