Ukrainian Crafts Celebration at the Second West Ukrainian Tourism Festival in Ternopil

I was very happy to attend the West Ukrainian Tourism Festival in Ternopil on May 16-17, 2009. It was very first Tourism Festival like this. Now I have very good news for you: the West Ukrainian Tourism Festival in Ternopil became annual! So, the Second West Ukrainian Tourism Festival was held May 15-16, 2010 in the Podolyany Mall in Ternopil.
For crafts lovers like I am the festival was just amazing! Lots of artists from the western Ukraine have represented their embroidery, beadwork, woodwork, pottery, clothing etc.
Here is Natalia Borysiuk the artist from Ternopil and creator of traditional Ukrainian outfit for a Barbie Doll:
Natalia Borysiuk The Creator Of Ukrainian Barbie Outfit Ternopil West Ukraine
Also, take a look at these gorgeous Ukrainian embroidered blouses and towels! They were for sale at the Second West Ukrainian Tourism Festival:
Gorgeous Embroidered Blouse Western Ukraine

Gorgeous Embroidered Blouse Western Ukraine

Embroidered Towels Beaded Necklaces Western Ukraine
Embroidered towel is a very important symbol for Ukrainians, especially at a wedding. The parents of bride and groom bless newlyweds with ceremonial towel for good family life. Here is another ritual with embroidered towel on Ukrainian wedding’s ceremony: bridesmaid and groomsman lay an embroidered towel on a floor in front of bride and groom and newlyweds have to step on a towel, both at once. But if somebody of them, bride or groom, was too fast and stepped on a towel first, tradition says, that he (or she) will be a boss of a family :)
By the way, for those, who is engaged and wants to have a wedding in Ukrainian traditional style (which is very fashionable now in Ukraine), attending the festivals like this one in Ternopil is a very good opportunity to find a perfect wedding attire. For example, take a look at this women’s outfit which was for sale on the Tourism festival in Ternopil and which I personally would qualify as a wedding dress:
Ukrainian Traditional Women Outfit Modern Details
This is a good mix of modern and traditional: floral embroidery, light fabric skirt and oh so gorgeous belt!
Another great mix of traditional craft and modern fashion are these wonderful Ukrainian beaded necklaces made by Alla Baidak the artist from Ternopil. My favorite is the green one with white flowers:
Beaded Ukrainian Bold Statement Necklaces By Alla Baidak Ternopil West Ukraine
If crafting beaded necklaces is something pretty common to do in western Ukraine, another kind of beadwork like making beaded flowers and even trees is something new for local artists. But they are doing so well in it! Look at the beaded sunflower and camomiles
Beaded Sunflower And Camomiles By Halyna Mykhalska Zbarazh City West Ukraine
or at this beaded pussy willow!
Beaded Easter Eggs And Beaded Pussy Willows by Halyna Mykhalska Zbarazh City West Ukraine
What a perfect Easter composition: beaded pussy willow and beaded Pysanky (Easter Eggs). I have seen lots of Easter crafts, but I never saw before the beaded pussy willow. It is something completely new in Easter art!
Now, let me introduce you the author of these amazing beaded crafts: Halyna Mykhalska from Zbarazh city (Ternopil oblast). Yes, she is the one who made this entire beaded garden! Here she is, beautiful Ukrainian girl with her beautiful beaded lilac:
Ukrainian Girl And Her Craft Beaded Lilac Zbarazh City Western Ukraine
And finally, here is another beautiful Ukrainian girl at the festival: my best friend Olya (on the picture below)
Beautiful Ukrainian Woman
She is a journalist and she was writing about the festival to the Svoboda (Ternopil regional newspaper). Olya is a big fan of arts and crafts like I am. Take a look: she is wearing Mexican beaded bracelet, which is very color coordinated with her outfit
Ukrainian Girl Wearing Blue Beaded Mexican Bracelet
By the way, Ukrainian and Native American beadworks are very similar in technique, patterns and colors. I was writing already about this similarity, so you can take a look and compare both traditional jewelry and clothing. Enjoy!

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