Ternopil: Cute Car Gadgets

You will never get bored in Ternopil, even if you will do nothing, just walking in the city and starring at local cars that driving by.
Well, take a look at this taxi with cute light on it, which look like a little car!
Taxi Ternopil Ukraine Cute Car-Shaped LightHere is another taxi, from a different taxi company and with little car-shaped light on it as well.
Taxi Ternopil Ukraine Cute Gadget LightHere is a close-up of this cute car gadget:
Close-Up Of Taxi Gadget Ternopil UkraineAlmost all the taxis in Ternopil put some unique gadgets on their vehicles to be different and to keep their passengers in good mood, using these little cute things like car-shaped lights.
Another car gadget that can make your warm smile is here; have a look at the back window of this car!
Woman Driver Ternopil Ukraine Road Sign Shaped PillowSo, how do you like this cute triangle road sign shaped pillow with women shoe on it? I personally like it :) The question is, more and more women in Ternopil start to drive cars (back in 1970-80, it was very rare in Ukraine to see a woman-driver) and they want to bring some sparks of femininity to their vehicles, like this sigh-shaped pillow with women shoe on it :)
Cute Car Gadget Ternopil Ukraine

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