Fountains of Ternopil: “Cascade” or “Tears of Gronsky”

Ternopil Ukraine Fountain Cascade Beautiful WomanTake a look at this beautiful stairs/fountain in Ternopil! The fountain located by the "Ternopil" hotel; the stairs taking you to the Ternopil Lake. The official name of the fountain is “The Cascade” and its urban legend’s name is “The Tears of Gronsky”. The fountain was created in 1972 by Edward Gronsky (born in 1929) the main architect of Ternopil that time. In 1973 Gronsky was thrown into jail by Soviet regime (released in 1980). The case was fabricated, as many cases that time. That’s why people gave a name “The Tears of Gronsky” to the fountain.
In spite of his sad nonofficial name, the fountain gives lots of joy to the habitants and guests of Ternopil, especially to the young generation :) (Take a look at the picture below!)
Ternopil West Ukraine Tears Of Gronsky Fountain The fountain has a lightening at night time, what creates a very romantic atmosphere around.
Ternopil Ukraine Tears of Gronsky Fountain Night Lightening

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I love the fact that you focused on the goal, rather than the peripheral things! Please share something on Ternopil National Medical Univesity also i want to study mbbs there.