Floral Paradise Of Ternopil - Part 2

Yeah, I told you already that Ternopil remind me a floral paradise. Today I would like to share with you some more photos of this city of flowers.
Here is a picture of the famous flower garden on the Tarasa Shevchenka Boulevard (right in front of the Theatre Square). This flower garden is there for years, but it has different floral pattern every single year. Here is a pattern-2009:
Ternopil Ukraine Flowergardens Are Different Each Year
Next one is a one of the flowerpots around the Theate Square, just like this:
Ternopil Ukraine Flowerpots Everywhere
Now, let’s walk with me by the Get'mana Sagaidachnogo Street and… enjoy these beautiful flowers!
Ternopil Ukraine Sahaidachnogo Street In Flowers
Flowers are the part of the restaurants attractions in Ternopil. Take a look at the floral arrangement of the Europe restaurant,
Ternopil Ukraine Europe Restaurant In Flowers
the Europe bar
Ternopil Ukraine Backyard Of Dykanka Restaurant
Ternopil Ukraine Dykanka Restaurant In Flowers
Next, look at this floral butterfly by the entrance of Ternopil High School #6! Isn’t cute?
Ternopil Ukraine Flowers Butterfly School 6
Even some bus stops in Ternopil are decorated with flowerpots, like this bus stop by the church on the corner of the Knyazya Ostroz'kogo Street:
Ternopil Ukraine Flowers Bus Stop By The Church
Flowerpots are practically everywhere in Ternopil. I couldn’t resist having my picture by this floral beauty :)
Ternopil West Ukraine Flowers Everywhere

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