Classic Cars From The “Retro-Cortege” Ternopil Club

These classic cars belong to the “Retro-Cortege” club from Ternopil. They were shown on the first old cars exhibition in Ternopil, June 21, 2009. The exhibition was represented by the “Retro-Cortege” club.

Dodge Monaco 1978 Ternopil Ukraine Dodge Monaco 1978

Opel Admiral 1937 Ternopil Ukraine
Opel Admiral 1937 Ternopil Western Ukraine Opel Admiral 1937

Moskvich 401 Ternopil Ukraine
Moskvych 401

Moskvich 401 Ternopil Ukraine Nice Girl
Nice car - nice girl :)
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I love the fact that you focused on the goal, rather than the peripheral things! Please share something on Ternopil National Medical Univesity also i want to study mbbs there.