Ternopil: Cars That Make Your Day

It might be absolutely regular day and it was look like nothing especially excited can happen to you in this calm city named Ternopil. But no! You are walking downtown and suddenly your eyes can catch something that makes your day; something like this “zebra”
Zebra Seat Leon German Auto Ternopilwhich looks so sensationally among other boring cars :) Yes, all the cars look boring for me, except vehicles like this that has this special “something”.
As I figured out from the license plate of the car, this “zebra” Seat Leon is a property of the “German-Auto – Ternopil” company. Later I got to know that “zebra” design of the vehicle made by Terko Design Studio from Ternopil.
Your day is getting better and better after seeing other cute cars of the Ternopil streets: the wedding ones. Actually, the wedding cars I saw were regular ones, but with very cute decorations on its! Usually design of wedding cars in Ternopil includes flowers and nothing more. Which is boring again, as for me. But this wedding cortege made me smile:)
Well, have a look at the bride's car:
Bridal Car Decorations Wedding Ternopil Western UkraineThey made something like a “real bride”: huge lips from red satin, eyelashes above the lights and long veil. Groom’s car looks like a “gentleman”,
Groom Car Design Wedding Ternopil West Ukrainewith white tie-butterfly and big white satin top-hat. Even flowers on the groom’s car are of “mustaches” shape :) I asked guests of the wedding, if they know, who did these lovely cars decorations. They answered it was ordered at “Maria VIP” wedding agency of Ternopil.
So, as you see, it is impossible to get bored in Ternopil even if it happened to be a regular day for you and even if you simply walking downtown. Always something there can make your day. At least, woman’s day :)

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