Feast For Your Eyes: Ukrainian Embroidery At The First West Ukrainian Tourism Festival In Ternopil

I am sure, if lovers of a Ukrainian costume such as John Galliano or Gucci would come to the First West Ukrainian Tourism Festival in Ternopil (May 16-17, 2009), they would have lots of ideas "to borrow" for creation new Ukrainian flavored fashion collections :) Take a look and enjoy like I did!
Embroidery By Olexandra Andrusiak Ivano Frankivsk West Ukraine Embroidery by Olexandra Andrusiak from Ivano-Frankivsk

Bukovyna Beaded And Sequins Embroidery Western Ukraine
Bukovyna's beaded and sequins embroidered costumes were for sale

Ukrainian Styled Dress Ternopil
Ukrainian styled dress is a big fashion hit of Spring/Summer 2009 season

Sequins Embroidered Skirt Zalishchyky District West UkraineGorgeous sequins all over embroidered skirt from Zalishchyky district (Zalishchyky district is a Southern part of Ternopil region)

Folk Ensemble Zalishchyky Districs West UkraineThere were whole bunch of women in the sequins embroidered skirts. The ladies sing in folk ensemble

Showman Igor Natolochny Ternopil Ukraine Showman Igor Natolochny from Ternopil

Girls Dance Ensemble Ternopil West UkraineGirls from the children dance ensemble are getting ready to perform. I like their skirts made from the shawls

Beautiful Girl Singer Anna Predoliak Ternopil West Ukraine Meet beautiful Anna Predoliak the singer from Ternopil! Anna told me, her amazing Ukrainian styled outfit is handmade by her older sister Natalia.

Here are close-ups of the outfit: a gorgeous beaded belt
Gorgeous Beaded Belt Handmade Western Ukraine
and a beaded sleeve
Ukrainian Styled Outfit Beaded Sleeve Western Ukraine

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