Beaded Easter Eggs From Ternopil

Beaded Easter Eggs Made In Ternopil Ukraine Take a look at Easter Eggs I bought in Ternopil: they are beaded!
Two first ones you can see above made by Natalia Martiuk the artist from Ternopil. The artist is in beadwork art since 2003. Except Easter Eggs, Natalia also does beaded necklaces.
For these (red and blue) Easter Eggs Natalia used traditional Pysanky’s patterns (Pysanky is a name for Ukrainian Easter Eggs). The artist also likes to create different Easter Eggs decorations from beads. Natalia’s signature Easter egg has beaded apple tree flowers and beaded butterflies on it.
Another Easter Eggs maker from Ternopil is Svitlana Polishchuk. Actually, she is not just Easter Eggs maker, her creativity went very further up toward beaded eggs art: Svitlana makes even little beaded churches and beaded Chiristmas trees, everything is egg shaped. She does even beaded Did Moroz (Slavic Santa Claus) and different beaded animals on the egg shaped pieces of wood. I got her beaded baby chickens Easter Eggs: male and female. You can see something like a skirt on a girl and little tie butterfly on a boy.
Baby Chickens Beaded Easter Eggs Made in Ternopil Ukraine Cute, isn’t?

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