Artist From Ternopil Creates Ukrainian Costumes For Barbie

Natalia Borysiuk The Artist Creator Of Ukrainian Barbie Ternopil City Ukraine
Natalia Borysiuk the artist from Ternopil (on the picture above) dresses up a Barbie Doll in Ukrainian outfit. Natalia design and make Ukrainian costumes for the dolls. The artist created her first Ukrainian attire for the Barbie in 2002. It was a gift for a friend. Natalia just bought a Barbie Doll at the market and made a Ukrainian costume for her. Then the artist got an idea to do more Ukrainian outfits for the world’s famous doll. Natalia studied a history of Ukrainian costume so she knows how traditional clothes from the different ethnic areas of Ukraine should looks like. Since 2002 the artist created lots of gorgeous Ukrainian outfits for the Barbie Dolls: for gifts, for art exhibitions and some for sale.
Usually Natalia spends two-three days making a costume for one doll. It depends from the size of doll and quantity of costume’s decorations. Natalia uses embroidery and beading in her work. The tiniest doll dressed up by the artist was just 2 lbs tall, the biggest was about 20 lbs.
The valuable thing of Natalia’s work is the artist does not repeat any attire, each her Barbie wears different Ukrainian clothes (different coloring, fabrics, patterns etc), so if you are buying Natalia’s Ukrainian Barbie, you may be sure, nobody will not get the same what you got.
Here are Barbie Dolls in traditional Ukrainian costumes made by Natalia Borysiuk from Ternopil.
Barbie Doll Ukrainian Attire
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