New Churches Of Ternopil

There are lots of churches in Ternopil. Each of them is unique. I showed you already the Cathedral Greek Catholic Church and the Church of Christmas (Ukrainian Orthodox). Both of them are located downtown of Ternopil. The Church of Christmas is from 17th century and the Cathedral Greek Catholic Church is from 18th.Today I am taking you to a mini-tour to some new churches of Ternopil. Both of them are of modern design.
Roman Catholic Church City Of Ternopil UkraineThe newest one is the Roman Catholic Church on Stepana Bandery Ave. It is only Roman Catholic Church in Ternopil; the building was finished in 2008.
Saint Peter Church Ternopil Western Ukraine
Saint Peter Church Ternopil West Ukraine
The Saint Peter's Church is new in Ternopil too; it was built in 1998-2005, architect Serhiy Hora. The Church is located on Volodymyra Velykogo Street.

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