Modern Condominiums Of Ternopil

New Condos Ternopil West Ukraine
New Condominiums Ternopil West Ukraine
Modern Condos Ternopil West Ukraine There are modern condominiums on Chaikivskogo Street in Ternopil. All of them built from brick. The main features of some of them are round walls and balconies. It is completely new word in condominium buildings in Ternopil.
The condominiums built by Ternopilbud. Ternopilbud is the most powerful building company in Ternopil.
Ternopil Ukraine New Condos
Chaikivskogo Street: How it looked in 2006, on the beginning of the building

Ternopil Western Ukraine New Condos
The same street in 2009, when the building almost finished