Floral Paradise of Ternopil

Ternopil is beautiful any season of year, but the best time to visit it is a flowers season. You will see flowers all over the city! Not surprisingly that Ukrainians call Ternopil as “green city”. I remember times (in 1980 years) when Ternopil had an official title of the second greenest city of Ukraine (after Kyiv the Ukrainian capital). I don’t know if they have those competitions now (for the title of the greenest city of Ukraine), but if they do, I think, Ternopil can compete even for the first place.
Well, take a look at some pictures of this floral paradise! There are flowerpots around the Theatre Square,
Flowerpots Ternopil
flowerpots by the Cathedral Church,
Flowerpots by the Church Ternopil
flower garden on the Taras Shevchenko Boulevard.
Flowers by the Theatre Ternopil The flower gardens of Ternopil have different patterns every year. They are designed by local “Zelene Hospodarstvo” company (“Green Household”).
Finally, here is the one of my favorite photos of Ternopil. Tulips!
Tulips of Ternopil Many people of Western Europe and Northern America asked me a question “Is this picture from Holland?” I am always very proud to answer, “No, this one is from Ternopil, a wonderful city of Western Ukraine!”

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