Ternopil: Embroidered City

Ternopil: Embroidered City
Embroidery Festival in Ternopil

Every year, August 28-29, the city of Ternopil celebrates a City Holiday. Working people of Ternopil having their days off August 28-29, so they can enjoy a big festivity in the city. There are lots of festivals, concerts and other excited events as well, like Holiday of Beer, Flower Exhibition and Embroidery Festival.
Tradition to make an Embroidery Festival in Ternopil started in 2007. Actually, it is more than festival. If you are guest of Ternopil and you came there exactly August 28 or August 29, you will understand: something special going on in the city. It is because almost everybody in the Ternopil Churches, streets, parks, squares, parties and receptions is wearing traditional Ukrainian embroidered shirt. More than that, if you dressed up in Ukrainian shirt or Ukrainian costume, you can use a public transportation for free August 28-29.
Big folk concert and handcraft market (actually, there are events of Embroidery Festival) you can visit during these days on the Singing Field of Ternopil (in National Rebirth Park), like Olya Sagal’ and Ivan Krup’yak did :)
Ternopil: Embroidery Festival
Olya Sagal’ is the one of most known journalists of Ternopil; Ivan Krup'yak is the very famous Ternopil’s astrologer. You can see on the picture, they are having good time on the Embroidery Festival (Funny detail: both of them, Olya and Ivan, were born August 2 :).
Speaking at all, since Ukraine got her independence (in 1991), an embroidered stuff became more and more fashionable in Ternopil, Lviv, Kyiv and other Ukrainian cities. I have told you already stories about popularity of traditional Ukrainian wear at weddings in Western Ukraine. By the way, my best friend Olya and I had our weddings in Ukrainian costumes too. It was really something special! You better take a look at our pictures, they are “speaking” more than any words…
Mariya and Ron's wedding in Western Ukraine

Olya and Jim's wedding in Western Ukraine

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