Ternopil: Spring, Flowers, Women And Beaded Necklaces

Beaded Necklace From Ukraine

Ukrainian Woman in Beaded Necklace

Beaded Choker From Western Ukraine

West Ukraine: Spring, Flowers, Women And Beaded Necklaces

Women of Ternopil love to wear traditional Ukrainian beaded jewelry. Of course, not to office, but for many festive occasions, like parties, weddings or just nice sunny Sunday :) Time to enjoy blossoming cherry trees in park, to smell an aroma of first spring flowers and to take some pictures of this Ukrainian beauty. A combination of wonderful nature and unique hand crafted beaded art.
So, my best friend Olya and I are wearing our beaded necklaces, made by talented family Bobyk from Ternopil. There are three Folk Art Masters of Ukraine in this family: mother Mariya, daughter Olena and son Andriy. Besides, the daughter and son got their Folk Art Masters when they were fourteen years old! (Olena and Andriy have their own families now). Except Bobyk family, Ternopil has other gifted artists of beading, for example, Victoria Yermakova and Inna Kryvonos. Both of them just had a first exhibition of their gorgeous beaded jewelry in Ternopil’ Regional Museum of Local Lore.

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