He Knows Hundreds Jokes About Blondes

Volodymyr Lototskyy Violinist Comedian
Volodymyr Lototskyy, Ukrainian-Polish violinist and comedian

It looks like May 31, 2008 Ukraine will celebrate a first Blonde Day ever (blondes of Northern America are having their Day since 2001). A celebration of Blonde Day in Ukraine will held in Kyiv, a capital of Ukraine, and in Lviv, a biggest city of Western Ukraine. Blondes from Kyiv "Charming Blondes Club" will have a festive party. May 31, 2008 Lviv "Love Radio" arranging a party for blondes in club "Sophia".
I bet, in Ternopil city just few people know about this day (by now!). One of those people, without doubts, is Volodymyr Lototskyy, my good friend, known violinist and comedian. He remember a hundreds jokes about blondes. Also Volodymyr is incredible talented in parody. If he would decide to change his violin for comedy business, he would be very successful there as well. But violin it is a love of Volodymyr’s life. He is violinist-virtuoso, since 1991 playing in Symphonic Orchestra of Sudets Philharmony (Poland), used to work in Orchestra of Ternopil’s Dramatic Theatre.

Here is a video of the famous parody to a hen's morning at the chicken coop, by Volodymyr Lototskyy

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