Modern Ukrainian Easter

Easter festivity in Ukraine has old and rich traditions. Ukrainians kept them always, even in Soviet time, when authority did not allow an Easter celebration.
Ukrainian Easter especially nice in villages. Every family bakes Paska (special sweet Easter bread) and painting Easter eggs. Ukrainians calls Easter eggs pysanky or crashanky. In Saturday before the Easter Sunday the families arranges an Easter basket, full of special Easter food. Easter basket usually including a Paska (sweet raisin bread), boiled eggs, sausage, ham, horse radish and beet salad, soft cheese and butter. In modern time people like to put to Easter basket a chocolate Rabbits and chocolate Easter eggs as well.
I would like to tell you about modern Ukrainian Easter on example of hard working city family. This is a family of Olya Chorna, a known journalist of Ternopil. She has a couple jobs, so she doesn’t have a lot of time to prepare to the Easter like it suppose to be, in accordance with all the traditions of baking Easter bread and painting Easter eggs. Besides, Ira, a daughter of Olya, lives in another city where she studies in University, so she is comes home just for weekends and she has not enough time for Easter preparations too. So, usually mother and daughter buys a Paska in bakery store. Thank God, now in Ukraine people have a big selection of Paskas in bakeries and stores. Because I still remember a former USSR time, when Easter was not allowed and of course, nobody baked a Paskas for sales (it would be strait way to jail!), so we must to bake Easter bread at homes if we wanted to have a real festivity and to keep a tradition of our ancestors.
So now many busy people in Ukraine don’t need to bake a Paska, you just go to closest store and buy it! Also now, if you hard working person and you don’t have a time for painting eggs, just buy an Easter Eggs sleeves in store, wrap your boiled eggs in this sleeves, put them in hot water for couple second, and decorations of your pysanky are ready! Olya and Ira decorates an Easter eggs this way already couple years.
The family usually buys eggs and Easter decoration in a grocery store, and Paska as well. But one Paska is not enough for three days of Easter festivity so Olya and Ira buys two-three Paskas more, in Church bakery not far from their house. Why one Paska not enough for three days of celebration? Because usually Ukrainians have a whole house of guests for the Easter, so Olya and Ira have to be sure they bought enough. Besides, if Ukrainians going to visit relatives or friends for Easter, they suppose to bring a piece of Paska and one of more eggs to somebody home.
One of Easter tradition is about eating Paska. If unmarried girl will try a 12 different Paskas during the Easter and post-Easter week, she will be married soon. So as Ira is single, probably she will take part in this tradition :)
Well, the Easter’s baskets of Olya and Ira are ready, time to go to Church for blessing an Easter food. Saturday before the Easter the family went to bless the baskets to Danylo Halytskyy Church in National Rebirth Park of Ternopil. Easter Sunday Olya and Ira will have the blessed food for Easter brunch.
Happy Easter!

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