Fall In Love With Ukraine

I have found in web a very interesting impressions of American tourist about Ukraine. He is biologist, Ph.D. He and his wife went to Ukraine in summer 2007 as a members of Lending Club. What is it Lending Club? This is online lending community where you can take a different kinds of loans with low rates (for example, school loan, wedding loan, travel loan etc). You can also see a video “Too Many Credit Cards?” taken by this tourist from USA.
But the best his video, for my opinion, it is “Fall in Love”. American biologist telling about why he is fallen in love with Ukraine. А great musicians, а very old history of this country, а 10 cent public transportation, а cheapest subway system in Europe and many other things in Ukraine was touching an imagination and soul of this tourist very much.
Especially I like a music picked for the video. This is my favourite Hutsul music, from the Carpathian Mountains (Western Ukraine). Anyway, this music sounds very good together with video series of Kiev, a capital of Ukraine (actually, American tourist and his wife visited Kiev and their documentary from Kiev). So click on this image and enjoy like I did!

Fall in Love - Watch more free videos

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