Myroslav Babchuk And Veseli Halychany, The Best Folk Musicians Of Ternopil

The Veseli Halychany, a best folk musicians from Ternopil, West Ukraine
Maria and Ron's wedding: The Veseli Halychany are waiting for our wedding reception in the restaurant "Sadyba" (Malyy Khodachkiv town)

The Veseli Halychany Musicians from Ternopil, Ukraine
Maria and Ron's wedding: The musicians finally met us and playing a wedding march

Veseli Halychany Ternopil Ukraine
Oh, look at this bunch of VERY nice people of Ternopil! They are Myroslav Babchuk and Veseli Halychany the best Ternopil’s folk music band. All of them are professional musicians, they are working in the Ternopil Philharmonic society since 1988.
“Veseli” by English a “jolly”, and Halychany the name of people who lives in Halychyna. Halychyna it is ethnographic name of biggest party of the west Ukraine (Ternopil, Ivano Frankivsk and Lviv states). The Veseli Halychany playing on the traditional Ukrainian musical instruments, singing, dancing and creating great humorous performance for the spectators.
Yes, they are really jolly, this band! It is impossible to imagine a sad face of somebody on their concert or on the wedding. Yes, they are playing on the wedding too, and my husband Ron and I was very blessed that we had The Veseli Halychany band on our wedding! The pictures of musicians and video of their playing you can see you this page was taken on the our wedding. For my opinion, to have a good musicians it is more important on the wedding than to have a lot of meal (although I am sure that many Ukrainian women wouldn’t agree with me about food). Anyway, we had a PERFECT musicians, and I know exactly that our wedding wouldn’t be so wonderful without Myroslav and his band. Because they are PROFESSIONAL musicians, what mean in Ukraine, that it is the best brand. More than that, Veseli Halychany has a two Honoured Artist of Ukraine, the Myroslav Babchuk and his wife Svitlana Babchuk. Myroslav Babchuk is art manager of Veseli Halychany, also he is playing many traditional Ukrainian wind music instruments (pan-pipe, nay, hutsulske rebro, dvodentsivka, ocaryna, telynka, frilka). Svitlana Babchuk is singing, she has a voice of incredible beauty, people says she is touching them to the souls.
The Veseli Halychany are very known music band not just in West Ukraine, but abroad as well. They had a tours to the Canada, USA, France, Germany, Great Britain, Poland, Austria. So they never complain for the destiny like other artists, especially who still remember a Soviet time. Because in the Soviet time many artists and writers were doing very well. They had a good government salaries and many social guarantees. But since Ukraine became independent country (from 1991), economical conditions changed too. It was coming a really bad times for many artists, who used to get a good money from the government, and sometimes even for the not very good performance. A lot of musicians, singers and composers became to say, that government taking not very good caring for them, so Ukrainian culture can to die, besides, it is very hard to overcome a big expansion of the Russian culture to Ukraine.
But The Veseli Halychany band hadn't a time to think about it. While many of other artists was complaining, Myroslav and his band had a tours to the other countries. The Veseli Halychany were representatives of Ukrainian culture and art in the world, and, of course, the band made money for the new costumes, instruments, recording CDs, and for caring of their families of course.
Three years ago a members of Veseli Halychany together bought a bus to the transportation of passengers on Ternopil’s city route number 36. They took a license and they started to make money also by this way. It was sensation for the Ternopil, that Honoured Artist of Ukraine Myroslav Babchuk decided to work as driver also! The music star working as bus driver! Wow, people couldn’t believe. But they was very happy at the same time, because in the 36th bus they have the best level of service from all the Ternopil’s buses. It is only bus in Ternopil, where driver announce names of stops. Actually, it is not a driver, it's speaking a tape with amazing voice of Svitlana Babchuk. She is Myroslav’s wife and she is a Honoured Artist of Ukraine, like Myroslav. Ternopil' citizens are proud to have such a "starring" bus. Well, now Myroslav is hiring other people to be drivers. The art-manager of the Veseli Halychany band has many new musical and business projects and he hasn't got time for driving now.
The Veseli Halychany’s bus is very special for me and Ron too, because it was our wedding bus, we was renting it for our guests. Speaking at all, on our wedding nobody didn’t feel that Myroslav and band are just invited musicians. No, they were a desirable guests on the wedding too, besides, they were provided all the Ukrainian customs and traditions during all the wedding. And they were playing, singing and dancing, of course.
Well, I can to speak about Myroslav and his band a long time, but Ukrainians have a saying, “Better one time to see, than 100 times to hear about it”. So now I would like to show you some great musical performances making by Myroslav Babchuk and Veseli Halychany.

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