Nice Restaurant With Traditional Ukrainian Music

The Lemkivskyj Dvir Restaurant in Ternopil, West Ukraine
The Lemkivskyj Dvir Restaurant in Ternopil, Western Ukraine
Ternopil, West Ukraine: The Lemkivskyj Dvir Restaurant Musicians
Ternopil, Western Ukraine: The Lemkivskyj Dvir Restaurant Musicians

OK, today my story about very nice restaurant in Ternopil, The Lemkivskyj Dvir Restaurant. My friend Olya and me have discovered this place absolutely randomly. It was summer 2007, we was walking in the National Rebirth Park. Actually, we have found this restaurant from wonderful smell of shish kebab (who like to cook outside, will understand us). So we had in this restaurant a very tasty shish kebab and salad from the fresh cabbage. So we had in this restaurant a very tasty shish kebab and salad from the fresh cabbage. The salad was dressing by incredibly delicious sunflower oil. Real taste of sunflower!
Also I want to say about very reasonable prices in this restaurant. For example, in July, 2007, when we visited a restaurant, we paid for the one shish kebab just 15 UAH ($3).
And finally we didn’t know what nice surprise we will have later. 8.00 p.m. in this restaurant it is time for the playing live music. Traditional Ukrainian music! I say it with so big exciting because I know that just two or three restaurants in Ternopil has invited a folk musicians to play in. But musicians from the Lemkivskyj Dvir Restaurant it is something!
So, I want to tell you more about these musicians. Usually they are starting their job from one the traditional Ukrainian song “Zeleneye shyto, zelene” („Green rye, green”). Then the musicians go to every table in the restaurant for singing two songs for free. If guests of restaurant want, the musicians asking what Ukrainian song dear guests would like to listen. But if you want to have a personal small musical party near your table, be exact, if you would like to listen more than two songs, of course, you have to pay a special tip. Size of your tip depend from how much do you like the music.
Next time when Olya and me visited this restaurant with our husbands, we had our personal little party with dances. It was so nice to listen our favourite songs from the Lemky Land and from the Carpathian Mountains! And, maybe, it was second the best party I have had this year (the first one it was our wedding :)
Oh, I forgot to say something important about this band. There are professional musicians. Some of them playing in Ternopil’s orchestras, and lovely singer Natalia working at school, she is a teacher of music.
Note.The Lemky Land it is ethnic territory of Ukraine. After the Second World War this territory was devoted to the Poland. A people of the Lemky Land has been deported to the today’s Lviv and Ternopil states of Ukraine.

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