The Singing Field Of Ternopil: 1200 Singers on a Stage!

A Singing Field of Ternopil (Ukraine) can to place more than 500 singers at the same time
The Singing Field of Ternopil it is the first Singing Field Amphithestre built in Ukraine. Ternopil’s Singing Field has opened in 1986. Kyiv had to be first, but Chornobyl’ mixed all plans
In 1986 I was a young journalist who just was started a career. I was working then in the Ternopil’s newspaper “Rovesnyk” (the newspaper for young people). And I remember well all events of those times. The Ukrainian authority (be exact, Soviet authority) wished to have a Singing Field in Kyiv first (Kyiv is the capital of Ukraine. But Chornobyl’ crash April, 26, 1986 mixed all plans of the headers of country. So they took a decision to build a Singing Fields in regions of Ukraine which far from Kyiv and Chornobyl’s zone, and also was choiced a Ternopil and Poltava, two cities of Ukraine, the centres of regions (Ternopil on the West Ukraine, Poltava on the East Ukraine).
Estonian experience
In those times Estonia was a part of the Soviet Union like Ukraine. But in spite of fact the it was totalitarian epoch, every nation of every republic of Union had an own folk traditions and holidays (fortunately, not killed by totalitarianism). For example, in Estonia it was grandiose Holidays of Song. The biggest stage for such holidays (name Singing Field) there are in Tallinn, the capital of Estonia. The Holidays of Songs Estonian people was celebrating every year. On the main Singing Field of country usually singing more than 20000 people! It is choirs from all Estonia. Oh, I just can to imagine how great sound of choirs a spectators can to listen! If they not singing too, I think, it is simply impossibly to be quiet when you are hearing so wonderful SONG OF SOULS! I have been listen a choir of more than 1000 people on the stage of Ternopil’s Singing Field, it was something, it really impossibly to describe by words! But 20000! I guess, holiday of my soul still waiting for me in Estonia, over there:
A Singing Field of Tallinn (Estonia)
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But let’s back to Ukraine in 1986. So then Ukrainian authority decided to take an experience of Estonia and to build a first Singing Field in Ukraine. It was destiny that Ternopil first! Usually Soviet authority don’t like especially a regions of the West Ukraine. The Singing Field in Ternopil was opening June, 15-16, and the second Ukrainian Singing Field opened June, 27 in Poltava. Of course, finally Kyiv has an own Singing Field too, but it was opened more late than in Ternopil and Poltava.
The First Holiday of Song in Ukraine
I remember the First Holiday of Songs in Ukraine. Of course, it was in my Ternopil, June 15-16, 1986! But concerts of this Holiday was not just on the stage of the Singing Field, but for many other stages of Ternopil. Many choirs, folk ensembles and singers from all Ukraine came here. About high level of this holiday can show a fact that all the best choirs of Ukraine was in Ternopil. I had a big pleasure to listen a final concert of this Song Festival on the Ternopil stadium (not on the Singing Field). It was FIRST (AND LAST?) time when Ternopil visited three the best choirs of Ukraine, Veryovka National Academic Folk Chorus, Poltava Folk Choir and Cherkasy Folk Choir. On this concert on Ternopil stadium every of choirs sung an own songs first. It was impossibly to mix a styles of singing of every choir! Every one had his original. But in final of concert all three choirs was singing together. Oh, I never had better pleasure from the choir’s singing then on this concert! Three the best Ukrainian choirs together! Very pity, Ukrainian journalists hadn’t enough of special technique then (videocameras etc). It would be memory for all life, because now we haven’t such great choir’s performances.
For example, June, 17-18, 2006 Ternopil celebrated a 20th anniversary of the Singing Field. It was a Holiday of Singing too, but not such high level like in 1986. The best day of Holiday-2006 was June, 17, when a folk singing and dancing group from the all Ternopil region was coming to the Singing Field. Yes, it was really People’s Holiday, with traditional Ukranian songs, with shish kebab and beer. Almost everybody who was visiting a Singing Field, was singing and dancing. (Oh, I forgot to say that Singing Field of Ternopil has a very good location, between beautiful nature of the National Rebirth Park).
But next day, June, 18, unfortunately, the weather was spoiled a Holiday. Such prosaic reason didn’t give to organizers of the final concert to show all potential of choir’s art of the Ternopil region. It was arranged to Ternopil all the best choirs of the region. I went to a rehearsal of this concert (I love to visit the rehearsals). So I would like to say that we have a very good school of choir-master’s art in Ternopil region (Izydor Doskoch, Svyatoslav Dunets, Myroslav Kril’). But, I repeat, they must to cut more of it what they planned to sing on the final concert. The weather was rainy and ugly, and just some people (like me) had desire to see a concert sitting under umbrellas. Simply I couldn’t to loss a possibility to listen more then 500 choir singers on the one stage one more time (first time I have been listen them during the rehearsal).
A Singing Field of Ternopil (Ukraine)
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