Angela Svidun, Izydor Doskoch And Their Zorynka Children's Chamber Choir

Angela Svidun and Isidor Doskoch
Ternopil, Ukraine: The Zorynka Children's Chamber Choir
Ternopil Ukraine Zorynka Choir
The Zorynka Children's Chamber Choir was created in Ternopil by known choir-master Izydor Doskoch. Already some generations of the Ternopil children have got a good school of choral singing here. The Zorynka Children's Chamber Choir won in many international choir's contests in Hungary, Poland, Austria and other countries. Izydor Doskoch and Angela Svidun are main managers and choir-masters of Zorynka. Also they are teachers in the Choir's school of Zorynka (yes, Zorynka already has an own school for young talented choir's singers).
One time Angela Svidun was a member of Zorynka, but now she and Izydor are happy married couple!

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