Collection Of Borshchiv Embroidery From Vira Matkovs’ka (Ternopil)

Ukrainian embroidery, Ternopil state, Ukraine
Borshchiv embroidery, West Ukraine
Borshchiv Embroidery, Western Ukraine
Borshchiv embroidery, Ukraine
Ukrainian embroidery from Ternopil stateDo you know a woman or a girl which would not look beautiful wearing an embroidered clothes? Me not. But every woman will look twice nice if she will wear the Borshchiv or Bukovyna embroidery. This embroidery is “speaking”, I even would say, it is “singing”.
Mrs. Vira Matkovska from Ternopil is own a collection of such a “singing” embroidery. Vira worked very hard for almost 20 years for having this collection. Now she is an owner of about 500 shirts of Borshchiv and Bukovyna embroidery. Many of them of 80 and more years old.
Lots of people would like to buy a shirt at Vira Matkovska, but she is not selling any. “This is a “soul” of my nation. Is it possible to sell the soul?”, - Mrs. Vira says. Usually she is borrowing a shirts to the many people of art. For example, to the Zorynka Children's Chamber Choir and to the Solovji Halychyny vocal trio of Ternopil Philarmonic Society.
Mrs. Vira Matkovska had an exhibitions of her collection in the Ternopil Philarmonic Society and local Ternopil's museums. The pictures you can see above were taken at one of exhibitions.
A little bit of history. The Borshchiv it is a south part of Ternopil region, on the border with Chernivtsi (Bukovyna) region. It is not very difficult to notice a mutual influencing both of regions in their embroidery. But the Borshchiv embroidery is very special. It made mostly by black thread (or preferably by black thread). The legend about this Borshchiv embroidery says a very sad story. In the old time а tatar horde attacked a villages of Borshchiv and and killed almost all the men. And almost all the women were taken away in captivity. But survived women and girls have sworn to embroider clothes just by black thread. The seven generations of Borshchiv women had to wear just black embroidery as sign of mourning. And, really, the Borshchiv women were wearing shirts with black embroidery even for own weddings!
Who knows, maybe, a chain of these seven generations already ended, but almost nobody can to repeat original Borshchiv embroidery now, especially some ways of embroidery like “kolodka”.

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