How Many Kilometers Is It From Kyiv To Ternopil?

Kyiv Ternopil Distance Ukraine Beautiful Girl My friend, a beautiful Ukrainian girl Ira is showing you, how many: it is 364 kilometers from Kyiv to the city of Ternopil. Picture was taken by the monument of the Saint Michael on the Independent Square in Kyiv the Ukrainian capital. There are little signs, like this Ira is pointing to, which are showing distances to each regional centre of Ukraine from downtown of Kyiv.

Ternopil: Cars That Make Your Day

It might be absolutely regular day and it was look like nothing especially excited can happen to you in this calm city named Ternopil. But no! You are walking downtown and suddenly your eyes can catch something that makes your day; something like this “zebra”
Zebra Seat Leon German Auto Ternopilwhich looks so sensationally among other boring cars :) Yes, all the cars look boring for me, except vehicles like this that has this special “something”.
As I figured out from the license plate of the car, this “zebra” Seat Leon is a property of the “German-Auto – Ternopil” company. Later I got to know that “zebra” design of the vehicle made by Terko Design Studio from Ternopil.
Your day is getting better and better after seeing other cute cars of the Ternopil streets: the wedding ones. Actually, the wedding cars I saw were regular ones, but with very cute decorations on its! Usually design of wedding cars in Ternopil includes flowers and nothing more. Which is boring again, as for me. But this wedding cortege made me smile:)
Well, have a look at the bride's car:
Bridal Car Decorations Wedding Ternopil Western UkraineThey made something like a “real bride”: huge lips from red satin, eyelashes above the lights and long veil. Groom’s car looks like a “gentleman”,
Groom Car Design Wedding Ternopil West Ukrainewith white tie-butterfly and big white satin top-hat. Even flowers on the groom’s car are of “mustaches” shape :) I asked guests of the wedding, if they know, who did these lovely cars decorations. They answered it was ordered at “Maria VIP” wedding agency of Ternopil.
So, as you see, it is impossible to get bored in Ternopil even if it happened to be a regular day for you and even if you simply walking downtown. Always something there can make your day. At least, woman’s day :)

Modern Condominiums Of Ternopil

New Condos Ternopil West Ukraine
New Condominiums Ternopil West Ukraine
Modern Condos Ternopil West Ukraine There are modern condominiums on Chaikivskogo Street in Ternopil. All of them built from brick. The main features of some of them are round walls and balconies. It is completely new word in condominium buildings in Ternopil.
The condominiums built by Ternopilbud. Ternopilbud is the most powerful building company in Ternopil.
Ternopil Ukraine New Condos
Chaikivskogo Street: How it looked in 2006, on the beginning of the building

Ternopil Western Ukraine New Condos
The same street in 2009, when the building almost finished

Paying With Credit Cards In Ternopil

Supermarket Foxtrot TernopilIf you happened to travel to city of Ternopil in the middle of 1990th, I think, you remember how difficult it was to pay with credit cards back there.
After 2000 it became much simpler, because since this time amount of banks started to grow in Ternopil, like mushrooms after rain :) (Ukrainian expression).
So, nowadays, if you visit Ternopil, you don’t have to worry about carrying pockets full of cash what is very uncomfortable for any traveler.
Well, still lots of places in the city where they don’t accept credit cards, but now you can pay with your Master Card or Visa Card in:
Hotels “Ternopil” and “Halychyna”; Restaurants “Staryy Mlyn” (“Old Mill”) and “Shynok”, pizzerias “Flamingo” and “Kashtan”, “Koza” bar, "Khmil'ne Shchastya" bar, “Kavyarnya Na Valoviy” coffee shop;
Big grocery stores “Furshet”, “Sil’po” and “Kyiv”;

Drugstore “Dobrogo Dnya!” (“Good Day!);
Supermarkets of electronics “Foxtrot”;
“Ars-Keramika” the building supermarkets and furniture stores;
“Zoloto” (“Gold”) the jewelry stores;
“Igor” the flowers store;

“DC” cosmetic store.
It is just a short list of places in Ternopil where tourist can use their credit cards: more and more appear with every year. So, when you are walking in Ternopil, take a look at the doors of the restaurants or stores for Master Card or Visa Card sign. Did you find it? Good! But here is important tip for you. Before you pull out your credit card from your wallet to pay, ask waiter of the restaurant or sales person of the store first, if their credit cards terminal is working! My husband and I had plenty of cases in Ternopil when we saw a credit cards sigh on the door, but we had to pay with cash. Why? “Our terminal is not working”, that what we mostly were explained.
In few stores I even got an answer, “We don’t have a credit cards terminal at all”. “Then why do you put a credit cards sign on your door?” I asked. “To attract customers”, I was answered.
Also, too bad for tourists, they still cannot pay with credit cards in bus stations and railway stations in Ukraine. The city of Ternopil is not exception. In June 2009 I asked a cashier at Ternopil’s railway station if I can pay with a credit card for my ticket. She said, “Unfortunately, no… You see, - she showed me, - we got this credit cards terminal six months ago, but nobody is rushing to install it”.
Well, at least they did not have a credit cards sigh at the cashiers windows, so they did not full around their customers, it was just my curiosity about paying with credit card…
In some places, if even credit cards terminal is working, not very experienced waiters or sales persons simply don’t know how to use it, so it is much easier for them to tell customers that “machine is not working”; then you have to pay with cash.
Speaking about restaurants and bars, some waiters also afraid, that if you are paying with a credit card, they will not get any tip from you (receipts from credit card terminals in Ukrainian restaurants don’t have an option “tip” yet). So if you are lucky enough and credit cards terminal in Ukrainian restaurant is working for you :), you better have some cash anyway: to tip a waiter.
By the way, you don’t have to worry about getting cash in Ukrainian city: there are ATMs practically everywhere.

Classic Cars From The “Retro-Cortege” Ternopil Club

These classic cars belong to the “Retro-Cortege” club from Ternopil. They were shown on the first old cars exhibition in Ternopil, June 21, 2009. The exhibition was represented by the “Retro-Cortege” club.

Dodge Monaco 1978 Ternopil Ukraine Dodge Monaco 1978

Opel Admiral 1937 Ternopil Ukraine
Opel Admiral 1937 Ternopil Western Ukraine Opel Admiral 1937

Moskvich 401 Ternopil Ukraine
Moskvych 401

Moskvich 401 Ternopil Ukraine Nice Girl
Nice car - nice girl :)
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Square and Pigeons… Rome? Venice? Nope, Ternopil, West Ukraine!

Feeding Pigeons in Ternopil, West Ukraine
Many travelers compare Ternopil with Rome,because of the pigeons on the Ternopil’s Theatre Square, a central square of the city. Well, this is an old tradition in Ternopil – people feeding pigeons on the Theatre Square for years and years. Kids like to play with birds; newlyweds come to the square to have their wedding pictures taken withthe pigeons – like on this picture by Vasyl Dzyadek:
Newlyweds and Pigeons, Ternopil, Western Ukraine
How romantic, isn’t?
And here is the video I took in my trip to Ternopil in 2011.I didn’t want to change anything filming the square I like so much (like,putting music on). I just wanted to bring to you an exact atmosphere of thisplace – how nice and peaceful is over there. Only local radio is playing onbackground, that’s all:

Time-lapse videos of Ternopil

Here are time-lapse videos of Ternopil, Eastern European/West Ukrainian city, the city where I grew up, worked, loved and spent beautiful days of my life: